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Learn the best way to overcome the burnout factor

goals growth john maxwell Dec 14, 2020

I see many agents fight burnout this time of year.  Either busy year, or hard work with little to show!  and all you hear is work harder and plan for next year!   While some of that may be true. I think right now the best thing you can do is Pause and Reflect! 

John Maxwell says and evaluative experience is the best teacher

Pausing gives time for growth to catch up

We are busy finishing our year, closing deals,  and prepping for 2021.  What we see a lot of right now is goal planning. Even I talked about goal planning over a month ago.   But one of the things we need to first is to reflect!   We cant plan on next year if we don't know what did and didn't work  this year!   There are three things you will want to do!  identify when to reflect, where to reflect and the questions to ask when reflecting

Where do I reflect

This is personal, but I recommend finding a place that fits a couple categories

  • place that will be quiet
  • place you will consistently go to
  • be OK to change it if its not working
When do I reflect

This is fairly simple but not easy cause you will want to do this consistently.  The way I look at this it fits 2 categories. big questions, small questions.  John Maxwell has a great book called 15 invaluable laws of growth in there he has 11 questions that are great for learning!

Big questions

We will only go over 5 but they are good the ones that each year bring me the best insight

  • what is my biggest asset
  • What is my biggest liability
  • whats my best habit
  • whats my worst habit
  • what is most fulfilling to me

ask these questions Quarterly,  Semi Yearly, or Yearly

Small disciplines repeated with consistency every day lead to great achievements gained slowly over time.  - John Maxwell

Small questions

these next three questions I ask daily, weekly and monthly

  • What did I do well
  • What didnt I do well
  • What do I need to focus on

Leave you with this

"a minute of thought is worth more than a hour of talk!" - John Maxwell


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