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Create 2021 Goals that will not Fail

goals growth nar realtors sucess Oct 12, 2020
2021 goals

For any business , having goals is a crucial part for its success,  Real estate is no different!  Really it maybe one of the most important steps you do!   Since I believe it is important,  it is something we should do right and do Well.   So lets talk about  Writing your 2021 goals.     The best strategy I believe to use  from Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich.   I take this from the chapter on Desire,  there are 6 steps  that we nee to do!   

  1. State the exact amount of Money you want to make
    1. know what your GCI will be also you will want, if you do not know a value but rather how many units.  I have a spreadsheet that will convert and tell you your GCI!   
      Download the spreadsheet here!
  2. know what you are willing to give
    1. This doesn't mean give up necessarily, it means understand that you when you challenge yourself ,  life will prioritize itself differently,  be prepared to let it!
  3. state when you will accomplish this by
    1. Specific date will be necessary  not around this time, or about this time.  a specific accountable date!
  4. name the exact steps that will be needed to accomplish your goals
    1. this is where you will identify exactly what you will do, to accomplish your goals,  like how many phone calls daily, how many open houses weekly,  how many networking groups will you attend. etc....
  5. Write the complete statement out
    1. now you will write this into a complete statement.  " I will make $100,000 by January 1st 2021 by making 5 phone calls daily to my sphere and future prospects, by hosting at least 1 open house weekly, and attending monthly networking events. "
  6. Say it out loud twice daily
    1. Say this twice daily once you wake up and once you before you call it a night.      the trick here is not to recite. but say it like already happened , say it like you can feel the success happen, what freedom did it give you what stress has been removed.     envision this and picture it your head.   

This last step is crucially important don't ignore this step


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