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3 experts tell us what real estate tech tools to pay attention in 2021

social media tech trends Apr 12, 2021


Justin Letheby 0:00
Hey, welcome back to the professor of real estate. My name is Justin in case you're not aware, and this time I got to interview three very powerful National Speakers, we're all talking tech, you're going to get to learn about social media about bad creation, about where the trends we see that we need to pay attention to in 2021. So the three people we have speaking today is Jeremiah j, Mammon arrow, national speaker out of the New York area, but he speaks nationally speaks to a lot of amazing audience audiences, and helps us grow our business. Virtually really, we have Marquis lemons, another fabulous national speaker, she is a very powerhouse in her nature. And you'll see that in this event. And then we have Carrie little also, again, a national speaker, strong speaker knows her stuff very much into the tech as well as the data, combine those three together and put them in the room at one time. And you're going to see it was not only extremely...

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Be smart with social media in 20201 with Katie Lance

realtor social media tech Jan 11, 2021

Social media is where so many people are at today  facebook has over 1.5 billion daily active users and there are others buying for your time like twitter, snapchat, tik tok, instagram, and more.       How do you handle all of this.    The great news is we talked with Katie Lance,  and she gave us some amazing tips to get going for 2021!   Take a listen  and implement these tactics!






Katie is the CEO and Co-Founder of Katie Lance Consulting. Katie is a nationally known
keynote speaker at conferences and events. For the past 10 years, Katie has been
working with real estate agents and brokers to help them get smarter about how to use
social media to grow their business. Her specialty is in helping real estate agents and
brokers achieve big results using social media without spending a ton of time! She is
also the author of the best-selling book, #GetSocialSmart and the founder of the

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This just In video doesnt have to be perfect


Video is a must

Jeremias Maneiro is a successful Realtor and Speaker and one of his best topics(my opinion) is in the area of video.   Today we talked about several things in video.  The Importance of video,   How to get over the fear of doing video, how to know what to say,   and the importance of know micro content. 

 The Importance of video

We believe video is the fastest way to  build know like trust.    People get to know the authentic you.   Now the trick to this is to be authentic, be you and be real. Nothing can be worse than meeting someone you have a impression and discover that something quite different

How to get over the fear

Really the best way to get over the fear is repetition.   the more you do this the easier it will become.  The fear will probably not go away,  we need a little of this cause we care!      Jeremias says Thoughts wont overcome fear, ...

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Discuss how to purposely earn $100k with Marki Lemons Ryhal

social media tech video Nov 09, 2020

 Today we talk with Marki Lemons Ryhal. 

Here we have a great conversation on what we should be doing today with our social media.    Marki says the first question shouldnt be what platform I should be on but rather who is my audience.    She also tells us we need to know them.  their needs, their desires, their wants, and also what platform they sit on!  


Couple other great tidbits from Marki(and she has many)

  • Understand your audience and their tone
  • obey your state laws and our ethic

Be on Social Media with video

  • You should plan 1 hour of social media work a day
  • 30 minutes of video will equal 10-30 aha moments. which means you have 10-30 micro content to create
  • video is the best to start with because you can Repurpose

What I got from Marki in this conversation.    

  • Repurpose with a purpose
  • Your purpose can be repurposed to hit your audience many times!

Please find here on facebook she has a facebook group...

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