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This just In video doesnt have to be perfect

realtor social media tech video Nov 30, 2020

Video is a must

Jeremias Maneiro is a successful Realtor and Speaker and one of his best topics(my opinion) is in the area of video.   Today we talked about several things in video.  The Importance of video,   How to get over the fear of doing video, how to know what to say,   and the importance of know micro content. 

 The Importance of video

We believe video is the fastest way to  build know like trust.    People get to know the authentic you.   Now the trick to this is to be authentic, be you and be real. Nothing can be worse than meeting someone you have a impression and discover that something quite different

How to get over the fear

Really the best way to get over the fear is repetition.   the more you do this the easier it will become.  The fear will probably not go away,  we need a little of this cause we care!      Jeremias says Thoughts wont overcome fear,   Action Will!

What to say

The reality is we actually have lots to say, we talk to people everyday and we answer questions everyday.    Which means those questions can become topics to talk about.     JMAN says always start with Education, Experience and Expertise( I would add a 4th E your energy).  Also you want them to know you,  sharing your lifestyle would be great.   what do you do for fun,   what are you passionate about.  It does not have to be directly real estate related.

What do I need.

Use what you have now and grow into it.   Use JMANs list to find what you can grow into

Micro Content

Micro Content is  small form content.   This means that these are bite able chunks typically less than a minute.   tools like tiktok, snapchat stories, Instagram stories,  YouTube and twitter stories. all have this micro content.    This is a great place to share your life a bit.   I also think it is a great way to repurpose some more  your long form content. 

About Jeremias

Jeremias is a tech-savvy millennial who speaks from the heart and engages his
audiences with high energy, comedic performances that are infused with relative stories from his real-life experiences. His speaking career began 28 years ago when he was the ring announcer for his third grade elementary school circus. 







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