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Master 1 thing move on the next for success

business growth May 24, 2021

Justin Letheby 0:00
Welcome, everybody to this episode of the professor of real estate. This week, we are talking about how to handle the overwhelmed feeling of being a real estate agent. We are many times being thrown into the deep end getting told to master several products. And really, I'm going to teach you to worry about mastering one thing, and then moving on to the next hope you enjoy.

Welcome to the professor of real estate podcast. My name is Justin Letheby. And I'm a realtor trainer and coach, my sole purpose here is to take my many years in real estate, as well as my even many more years as a trainer and get you to your goals and beyond. I'm going to do this by talking about business growth, development, branding, marketing, you know, basically all successful things that entrepreneurs are doing today. And hey, since I'm your tech guy, there's going to be text on in here as well. So let's go.

Welcome everybody. Again, this is Justin Letheby, e professor of real estate....

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Learn the best way to overcome the burnout factor

goals growth john maxwell Dec 14, 2020

I see many agents fight burnout this time of year.  Either busy year, or hard work with little to show!  and all you hear is work harder and plan for next year!   While some of that may be true. I think right now the best thing you can do is Pause and Reflect! 

John Maxwell says and evaluative experience is the best teacher

Pausing gives time for growth to catch up

We are busy finishing our year, closing deals,  and prepping for 2021.  What we see a lot of right now is goal planning. Even I talked about goal planning over a month ago.   But one of the things we need to first is to reflect!   We cant plan on next year if we don't know what did and didn't work  this year!   There are three things you will want to do!  identify when to reflect, where to reflect and the questions to ask when reflecting

Where do I reflect

This is personal, but I recommend finding a place that fits a couple categories

  • place that...
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Do I need to do a podcast?

Podcasting is such a great tool for Real Estate Professionals,  podcasting will reach a big audience, build know like trust and generate business for you.    Today we get to spend a moment and talk with Danny Ozment and Podcast Professional that will help us learn more about what it takes to do a podcast!  Listen, take those notes and find ways to implement this.  I completely believe YouTube and podcasting are going to be required tools for us! 

Why Podcasting

Danny Tells us 93% of listeners listen to at least half if not all of an episode.  this means that we have their attention while we are talking to them.    Some of my research tells me that 50% homes are podcasts fans and 90% of listening is done at home(thanks podcasting host .org )   This ability to be in their ear and  is almost impossible to get in these days!

How Do I start!

Podcasting can feel intimidating, it doesn't have to be.  The best way...

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Create 2021 Goals that will not Fail

goals growth nar realtors sucess Oct 12, 2020

For any business , having goals is a crucial part for its success,  Real estate is no different!  Really it maybe one of the most important steps you do!   Since I believe it is important,  it is something we should do right and do Well.   So lets talk about  Writing your 2021 goals.     The best strategy I believe to use  from Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich.   I take this from the chapter on Desire,  there are 6 steps  that we nee to do!   

  1. State the exact amount of Money you want to make
    1. know what your GCI will be also you will want, if you do not know a value but rather how many units.  I have a spreadsheet that will convert and tell you your GCI!   
      Download the spreadsheet here!
  2. know what you are willing to give
    1. This doesn't mean give up necessarily, it means understand that you when you challenge yourself ,  life will prioritize itself differently,  be...
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