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Master 1 thing move on the next for success

business growth May 24, 2021

Justin Letheby 0:00
Welcome, everybody to this episode of the professor of real estate. This week, we are talking about how to handle the overwhelmed feeling of being a real estate agent. We are many times being thrown into the deep end getting told to master several products. And really, I'm going to teach you to worry about mastering one thing, and then moving on to the next hope you enjoy.

Welcome to the professor of real estate podcast. My name is Justin Letheby. And I'm a realtor trainer and coach, my sole purpose here is to take my many years in real estate, as well as my even many more years as a trainer and get you to your goals and beyond. I'm going to do this by talking about business growth, development, branding, marketing, you know, basically all successful things that entrepreneurs are doing today. And hey, since I'm your tech guy, there's going to be text on in here as well. So let's go.

Welcome everybody. Again, this is Justin Letheby, e professor of real estate....

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6 easy steps to master your conference

business Feb 22, 2021

Conferences season is starting and this year you will want to have a plan and steps to get the most out of your next conference.   This will be extremely important now that this year many of the conferences we go to will be virtual!

  These 6 steps will help you get the most the conference and beyond

  1. Have goal,  I am big on goals and a conference is no different.  when attending your conference(virtual)  it is more important than ever to have an agenda and goals. here are some ideas 
    1. what topic/skill do you want to master.  What skill set is your biggest need.  review your goals for this year and your results of the previous
    2. have a goal on how many people you want to meet.   Be specific, go there with the intent of forming a business bond with people that you will want to work refer business with in the future
    3. what exhibitors are important to meet.   Meet with the exhibitors.  In many situations these folks are...
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8ish ways to handle your business as a business

We are talking with Carrie Little and we chat today about how to treat our business as a business.   As Entrepreneurs  we need to think as the owner of our business not an employee!.     

  1. Go to the office everyday!
  2. Have a Growth plan(what training will you be taking)
    1. if you are not learning  your not selling
    2. know what to learn
    3. trust your leaders in your ares
    4. find People Like Carrie and learn from them
  3. Let People know your in business(don't be the hidden agent)
  4. Identify your clients(your 3 buckets of business)
  5. Lead generation
    1. mailing
    2. emailing
    3. Target in social media
    4. SOI
      "Dont assume your relationship you have with the people around you will use you"
      "Pick your lead generation and consistently go after"
    5. networking events
      1. Think of organic groups
  6. Video
    1. next thing to master is video
  7. social media
    1. don't master all social media,  pick one master the rest
    2. pick your one audience
  8. what does success in real estate look like today
    1. ...
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Do I need to do a podcast?

Podcasting is such a great tool for Real Estate Professionals,  podcasting will reach a big audience, build know like trust and generate business for you.    Today we get to spend a moment and talk with Danny Ozment and Podcast Professional that will help us learn more about what it takes to do a podcast!  Listen, take those notes and find ways to implement this.  I completely believe YouTube and podcasting are going to be required tools for us! 

Why Podcasting

Danny Tells us 93% of listeners listen to at least half if not all of an episode.  this means that we have their attention while we are talking to them.    Some of my research tells me that 50% homes are podcasts fans and 90% of listening is done at home(thanks podcasting host .org )   This ability to be in their ear and  is almost impossible to get in these days!

How Do I start!

Podcasting can feel intimidating, it doesn't have to be.  The best way...

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5 Lessons I Learned from my dog

5 Lessons my Dog taught me!

Freya is my dog's name, and she is(was) a beautiful black lab. She had so much energy throughout her life and we had a lot of fun together.  One of the things we did often was walk through parks together.  we did this because she love to tree squirrels should would slowly stalk them and then sprint to chase them to the trees.     


Well one day when we were walking she stalking a squirrel like she always does, but this time another squirrel came into her line of site.  This froze her,  she couldn't decide which one to go after,  it was quite humorous to watch.  it felt like we were there for 30min(im sure it was 30 seconds)  well it was obvious that she wasn't going to move so i quietly moved to her and nudge her  and then she sprinted at the first squirrel.   Then she turned around and found the other squirrel and chased it up a tree.  then as happy as could be came back to me...

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