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8ish ways to handle your business as a business

We are talking with Carrie Little and we chat today about how to treat our business as a business.   As Entrepreneurs  we need to think as the owner of our business not an employee!.     

  1. Go to the office everyday!
  2. Have a Growth plan(what training will you be taking)
    1. if you are not learning  your not selling
    2. know what to learn
    3. trust your leaders in your ares
    4. find People Like Carrie and learn from them
  3. Let People know your in business(don't be the hidden agent)
  4. Identify your clients(your 3 buckets of business)
  5. Lead generation
    1. mailing
    2. emailing
    3. Target in social media
    4. SOI
      "Dont assume your relationship you have with the people around you will use you"
      "Pick your lead generation and consistently go after"
    5. networking events
      1. Think of organic groups
  6. Video
    1. next thing to master is video
  7. social media
    1. don't master all social media,  pick one master the rest
    2. pick your one audience
  8. what does success in real estate look like today
    1. ...
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3 Free Things that Google has to increase your revenue by $100k

Today we got to chat with Michael Tritthart. We had a great conversation into Google and 3 things we can do now that can increase our Revenue by $100k.   What is great about these tools besides them being free.  they are also extremely easy to do for yourself:

  •  First is Google My business.  This is a tool that will let you put your business on google and get found.   you know the right hand side where results pop up on search that is Google My Business.    you create the account and then verify.  and you are up and running.    Your not done yet, Michael says put up at least 150 posts(in our case it will be Picture Posts), by doing this you will get a 1000% increase in engagement.   While that's not all, it is a strong start, then all you have to do is keep posting and engaging in Google My Business
  •  Google Local guides,   this is a great way for us to become a local expert in our area. ...
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