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3 experts tell us what real estate tech tools to pay attention in 2021

social media tech trends Apr 12, 2021


Justin Letheby 0:00
Hey, welcome back to the professor of real estate. My name is Justin in case you're not aware, and this time I got to interview three very powerful National Speakers, we're all talking tech, you're going to get to learn about social media about bad creation, about where the trends we see that we need to pay attention to in 2021. So the three people we have speaking today is Jeremiah j, Mammon arrow, national speaker out of the New York area, but he speaks nationally speaks to a lot of amazing audience audiences, and helps us grow our business. Virtually really, we have Marquis lemons, another fabulous national speaker, she is a very powerhouse in her nature. And you'll see that in this event. And then we have Carrie little also, again, a national speaker, strong speaker knows her stuff very much into the tech as well as the data, combine those three together and put them in the room at one time. And you're going to see it was not only extremely...

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