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3 experts tell us what real estate tech tools to pay attention in 2021

social media tech trends Apr 12, 2021


Justin Letheby 0:00
Hey, welcome back to the professor of real estate. My name is Justin in case you're not aware, and this time I got to interview three very powerful National Speakers, we're all talking tech, you're going to get to learn about social media about bad creation, about where the trends we see that we need to pay attention to in 2021. So the three people we have speaking today is Jeremiah j, Mammon arrow, national speaker out of the New York area, but he speaks nationally speaks to a lot of amazing audience audiences, and helps us grow our business. Virtually really, we have Marquis lemons, another fabulous national speaker, she is a very powerhouse in her nature. And you'll see that in this event. And then we have Carrie little also, again, a national speaker, strong speaker knows her stuff very much into the tech as well as the data, combine those three together and put them in the room at one time. And you're going to see it was not only extremely informative, but it was just extremely entertaining. So please sit back, watch and listen to this scenario. And we will talk to you after the podcast.

Welcome to the professor real estate podcast. My name is Justin Letheby. And I'm a realtor trainer and coach. My sole purpose here is to take my many years in real estate, as well as my even many more years as a trainer and get you to your goals and beyond. I'm going to do this by talking about business growth, development, branding, marketing, you know, basically all successful things that entrepreneurs are doing today. Hey, since I'm your tech guy, there's gonna be tech thrown in here as well. So let's go.

All right, so welcome, everybody. This is just like being a professor of real estate and holy cow, it took us five minutes just to get ourselves ready to go. I'm so kidding. They were ready to fire up before I even started. So we are here today to kind of give you all the back and perspective of really how we think as real estate agents, as tech people as speakers, what we're doing on a daily basis to see where things are heading and how things are going. And that's what we're doing today. I just wanted to give you a back end. And really it might be scary, to be honest, the folks kind of how we think inside our heads on how tech is going and those conversations that we have, not only with ourselves, but with the folks around us. So with that. Let me ask you, where are you guys seeing the tech today? I'll start with Marquis cuz I know we were talking about it early on. So Marquis, where are you seeing real estate needs specifically about the tech ns what we need to be aware of, from an agent perspective.

Marki Lemons Ryhal 3:23
What's going on? We're glad to be here this afternoon. And I want y'all to know we stay ready according to Jay, man. So since we stay ready.

Oh, no. No, no.

Oh, thank you. No. So what do I think? Well, one, I think we're still very heavy on video content and repurpose in that content. When you start thinking about tools like restream, that Carrie uses quite a bit. But here's what I'm realizing were able, especially those who were earlier adapters of social media and technology, we come up with ideas and implement in 24 to 48 hours, because we've become familiar with the tech. So I think that we're gonna see a lot of new tools emerging. But the one thing that I would encourage all real estate professionals to do, stop stepping over dollars to pick up pennies, some of these tools are not relevant, they don't go back to your core business plan. It doesn't go back to who you're trying to connect with. So I encourage people to look at that before they dive into any new tools and I still need realtors to embrace video. It isn't going anywhere and those who have implemented have seen substantially more market share. They're increasing market share the rate at which they increase that market share. They're seeing substantial growth. So concentrate on videos, concentrate on repurposing the content, but then don't just buy any and everything. always come back to your broker. See what

They're already providing you with. And then also think about your local Association, state association and National Association of Realtors. But everything should follow your business plan. So if you don't have a business plan, you're starting off on the wrong foot.

Justin Letheby 5:16
Yeah, I would agree any weather carry j man any ad libs or add add addition to that.

carrie little 5:25
I'm gonna say this, I'm an agreement with Marquis take advantage of the tools that you use every single day. So a lot of times, this is what I was telling agents, especially new agents, I just saw I was having a conversation with one of the local associations because I'm in a, in the Goldman Sachs 10,000k, businesses small business business program. And part of my growth project is research. So I added I'm doing research to figure out how many new real estate agents are coming into the marketplace. And we, in one of our local associations, it's 225 a month. And whenever I speak to real estate agents, I say to them, if you don't know where the inventory comes from, it's like owning your own Nordstrom and not knowing where they buy their clothes from. So if you haven't figured out how to master your multiple listing service, how to master your tech, your tax tools, how to master the tools from the local, the state, and the National Association of real tours, you are spending money You don't need to spend. And I'm telling you, because some today, someone was eat, people are emailing me constantly texting me, Carrie, do you need to lead? Do you need to lead? I'll tell you a lead. I'm like, No, I don't need to leave and just said, you know, what I really want to send the back is Nope, my MLS gives it to me. But you know, I'll pay them. And I'm like, so what? What are you going to sell me my zip code? Okay, great. Now, how many leads Have you? Have you scrubbed them because I have data tools that tell me as of today, in Chicago, single family residential off the markets detached. There was so many in Chicago, with a high self score, I couldn't get the data. But when I dug a little bit deeper, there are 1569 properties in the city of Chicago with a high self score and no mortgage, and they're not listed. And if I go a little bit further, 15 plus years in the home, there's 418. So when somebody says, Carrie, do you need to lead I'm like, give me a minute, because I'm just gonna create my own marketing piece and I'm just gonna go to my own subdivision.

Jman 7:38
Yeah, here's Okay, I'm next. I can't wait. You know, I see carry, like, you start talking about video. I'm like this, I'm like, put me in coach who can carry carry her data. And she was like, hold up, I got the stacks of data right over here, stacks on stacks on stacks make me sad, you know what I'm saying? And so I'm all I'm all with it. I think the future is the past the present and the future will be video video is only going to be a bigger percentage of everything that we do. If you got kids that are under the age of 15. They're on YouTube, all the time that's going to become mainstream is going to be how we consume all of our information in the future. And then data using data and predictive analytics to be smarter about how you're prospecting rather than going after the whole world. Why the hell would I do that? When I got data, when it hit carry up and go, what's that high sell store girl, she's gonna go talk to people. Oh, we got them. Awesome. And then hold up those secret sauce comments from the J man over here. Messenger bot marketing on on demand resources that the consumer wants, right today's modern consumer wants you to predict what they're going to ask and have it ready for them on a platter. That's the messenger bots do. Right? What Oh, I was gonna ask about how I can buy a home and low down payment or this or that or, or Marquis son Skyler at a program working with people on how to pay off their student debt. What? I will drop this

carrie little 9:12
where the houses reside. Say what I wanted to say.

Listen, listen straight up. Just stay positive.

Marki Lemons Ryhal 9:25
Just stay positive. That was the best you could stay positive. Oh, no. Oh, wait, carry lift that back up. Look, we got some fabulous people learned how to pivot. In today's marketplace that's straight up out of our private membership group member. Actually, she's not even in real estate. That's the look. That's the beauty of what we teach. She is in the promotional products industry but joined a Real Estate Group because we're always talking about technology and how to pivot with small to medium companies. What I've realized is that as a real estate professional, our mindset in our industry mimics other industries that they can learn a lot about their businesses. As I tell people, we use real estate case studies, but what we teach applies to any industry. Let's go back to the data, Justin, that you and Carrie teach, right? A lot of that is spec statistics, right? What I thought was the dumbest class in the world in my early 20s. But when you're 50, and you live on the south side of the city of Chicago, in the midst of a pandemic, in the midst of zero temperature, right, you want to know the probability that if I get up, if I wash my face and brush my teeth, if I put on my long johns and I go out and I warm my car up, oh, better yet? Did my car out to warm my car up? What is the likelihood of this person closing on a real estate transaction? Because guess what, we got options? I don't have to brush my teeth. I don't have to do my car out. I don't have to sit in the cold. Or some people have remote started, right?

carrie little 11:05
Please put on a good bra.

Marki Lemons Ryhal 11:09
Good bra. Ready? Okay. Ready? I just need. Let me just show you what I'm working with. Okay, stay good bra ready. I understand some people, bra sales are down substantially. Some of y'all need to go back on in there put on us a good brazier, as my grandmother would have said, baby. We're not gonna do that. That's why no parts of it. It's gonna hit you

Unknown Speaker 11:36
no joke.

carrie little 11:38
It was Brian Buffini.

Marki Lemons Ryhal 11:41
Blaming O'Brien.

Jman 11:43
I feel like Justin right now feels like a zookeeper that let the animals out. Like, oh, shoot. How do I get back in the cage?

Justin Letheby 11:53
I'm taking notes. So you can

Marki Lemons Ryhal 11:56
real estate data Gone Wild?

Justin Letheby 12:00
It's but you know, what if I tell you what, I think it's a good point, though, right? Because this is how we're all sitting. Right? We're talking everybody else is feeling we are right now in that moment in life, where we're all ready to bust out the doors, right? We have been stuck inside way too long. So I get this, I think this energy is perfect. Because that's what we're all feeling Anyways, we're like, let's just go, let's go do something. Let's go get it out. Let's go hit that. Let's go do something. But going back to what Marquis and Carrie and Jay man have been saying, We've got to be tactical, right. We've got to be able to know what we're doing. And we've got to be systematic. One of the things that I feel is really important to things that I teach most people when I'm talking about this stuff is I am tired of people telling me that we need to be the person when they're ready to buy that we're thinking of them IRA say that's too late. We need to be ahead of the game we have to be before they're thinking about real estate, we need to be their thoughts because of real estate, right? That's what we need to be. So how are we as a group? How are you guys doing it today? How are you being that that go to resource before they even know they need to be that person?

carrie little 13:10
Who wants to take that? You know, because Martin, listen, I'm gonna go first because when Mark he goes is over. As Mark Marcie, when she gets her ideas, I'm the one that gets a phone call on a Sunday morning at 6am. Okay, Carrie, I'm like, do I need to get Evernote out? No, no, no, no, she gets I'm like, Yes, I need to get Evernote out.

Justin Letheby 13:30
So they gotta start recording the conversations. Or I could I could but

carrie little 13:35
yeah, actually, you know what, you're probably right. Yeah. Okay. Just let me write that down. Record conversation with marketing in the morning. So I digress. So how do we stay top of mind? I'll tell you, it just goes back to what Jay man said. Video and for me it's been clubhouse. So when club so I was asked to be on clubhouse, and some people were like, what is clubhouse? clubhouse is the new app that allows you to have a swipe your own broadcast, and it's only audio and I was asked to join clubhouse and I was like, not another thing. What do you What are you looking for me to buy? I got all these text messages. I'm like, I can't do another thing. And so eventually I talked to one of the agents in the office and Shane was like here you got to get on because there's all these people, they're in rooms they're collaborating, they're you get to actually talk to people you would have never been able to talk to. And so what it's done for me, it has put me in the forefront to the point where now marquee I'm getting emails for people to interview me on clubhouse. So it's kind of cool. So I am now I have agents that have connected with me all over the United States. And now they're they're they're finding me on Instagram. Carrie, I found you on clubhouse and I'm now following you on Instagram.

Marki Lemons Ryhal 14:51
I have a question. It's typically

carrie little 14:52
someone from like Virginia. It's been New Jersey, all because of one new south. A media platform. And the cool thing is, is you really don't have to get up, get dressed and brush your teeth because no one can see. I have grown my Instagram account by 1000 new followers because of clubhouse and yes, you do need an iPhone or an iPad to join clubhouse. But here's some good news because the founders on Sunday said in about two months droid, here we come. Finally,

Unknown Speaker 15:27
two months. That's a long time

carrie little 15:29
it is they're working on it. But now they're there. And now they have a creative platform. They're launching some new opportunities. So So for those of us that have a show, Good morning real estate, we can now have our own show on clubhouse and they'll push it if it's a good show.

Unknown Speaker 15:47

Justin Letheby 15:51
shows right now,

carrie little 15:52
right there you go. We got the Justin show, the professor show. We've got the six and 12 show. We got the box show. We've got the coffee with Kerry shell and we've got good morning real estate.

Marki Lemons Ryhal 16:04
And the other day, Carrie and I tested four people on Instagram Live where they stated now you can leverage it to record your podcast.

Unknown Speaker 16:15
Hold up, hold up, hold up, hold up. That's weird because I'm going to call I'm going to call my cell phone provider and ask them why that call didn't come in. I swear I even asked

Marki Lemons Ryhal 16:31
you we need let me say this. We must have sent it to the wrong person in New York right because we did have a New Yorker on I just need you to know that and then Karis twin joined in. We didn't No

Unknown Speaker 16:44
no, no. No, no, I

Marki Lemons Ryhal 16:49
Jay, we're gonna once you finish your event today, we're gonna come and meet you. We're gonna come and meet you because clearly, I need to talk to your cell phone provider because something must not be working right?

Unknown Speaker 16:59
Something something's not right. Something is not right. So we need

Marki Lemons Ryhal 17:03
to think about that. Oh, Jay man didn't have his chance to speak cuz I rudely interrupted. I've got excited. I'm sorry.

Unknown Speaker 17:13
Alright, so staying top of mind. I'm gonna get on clubhouse. Eventually. I might be on a on a four peat over here with with the ladies. You know, they picked another New York. I thought he only knew one person in New York. Oh, good. No, no, no, it's okay. It's okay. I understand. So good. But anyways, you know, staying Top of Mind, it's it's trying to predict what the trends are. And I think that's what's one thing when you look at us, all of us together is like, We're not afraid to go out on a ledge and try something new, right? where it's like, Damn this, this might be something, I don't know, let's go. We're literally like walking the plank and like, well, I'm about to jump, I'm gonna figure out how to fly on the way down. We talked about that all the time, when rails came out, clubhouse came out all these different, different things. pandemic hit, I'm like, oh, man, we're gonna have to do a lot of virtual stuff, right and seeing how I can do this. And now, just today, I had the AI conference, I was teaching all of the 80s throughout the land, how to hold better virtual events, when, prior to the pandemic, I had been on a zoom two times in my entire life. Wow. So it's like, I took it upon myself to learn new things. And if you're gonna learn something new, don't do it to be average, do it to be the very best that you like, if I'm gonna do something virtual, I'm gonna be the best damn virtual presenter that ever walked the land. That's the goal when you do something. Not just Oh, you know what, I think I might do some virtual stuff. I'm going to shoot to be subpar. today. Maybe average?

Unknown Speaker 18:50
What the hell, man?

Marki Lemons Ryhal 18:52
Clearly, J man's parents fed him a lot of affirmations and mindset as a kid going up because baby there is no shortage of self esteem. And that young man right there control j man controls, right?

Unknown Speaker 19:06
Well, no. And here's the thing. My dad always told me, I could do anything I want in life, there was a lot of affirmations. But he said, if you want to be, you know, if you want to sell hot dogs, because we've talked about that in the past, you know, if whatever you're going to do be the very best at it. Because there's millionaires in every single industry in the planet, right? There's, there's somebody who does tooling and machining, which is what I actually went to school for tooling and machining and they want it right. And I said, Man, if I do this, I'm gonna have to own the place because this sucks being guy on the floor. That's what I said to myself. I'm like, how can I Okay, okay, buy this machine and figure it out. Just predict the trends. Don't be afraid to do new things. Because if we're doing it here in the United States, usually somebody in the UK or somewhere else has some YouTube tutorials already done for us on how we can be better at it.

Justin Letheby 19:54
Jay, man, you just made an interesting point because I teach a certain thing and I've wondered when we hit that threshold. I will I've been teaching video for four years do video, do video do video we've been teaching that for ever. And I have told people that right now, although I'm wavering on this lately, that it's okay to fail in video, right? It's, you know, learn and take those steps forward. But I always tell them, there's a threshold where you can no longer fail, right? There's going to be a point in time where they expect the J man backgrounds on the scene, they're going to expect the quality stuff that exists out there. Are we there yet? I mean, I think so. I keep I'm stammered on saying that you, you know, I don't feel to be scared off from doing video. But just to do it. Okay, as Jay man just said, is probably not good enough anymore.

Marki Lemons Ryhal 20:44
Well, he is now. So here's what I think you have to have, you have to be consistent. And you have to have content, I definitely know that I get away with not having the greatest visual, you know, like the highest camera. But I'm consistent. And here's the thing, most people do not know how to be consistent. I know that sounds real simplistic. But this is not a one hit wonder. And I was looking at someone's video the other day out of DC. He had 100,000 views on a reels most people want to get with get that 100,000 views. And that's it. Because they believe that this is a one hit wonder, we get great engagement. And once we get that great engagement, the question is how do we improve? Right? How do we do this better? What do we need to we need to pivot the camera. So we're coming back for consistency. And to me in the world of video, nothing tops, consistency and content. Or think about this one thing you can't buy and what you can't teach the ability to be vulnerable. Like we're all vulnerable, right? You can't teach that, like, you really got to have a heart, you really Who are you got to develop, I don't give a damn attitude, they'll be quite honest with you to be vulnerable, right? We've all had failures, we embrace our failures, okay, um, and they won't be consistent. They think it's all about them all about them, and they won't be vulnerable. And that's nothing you can teach in a class like you could try to teach that concept. that mindset back to Jay man. right mindset, those affirmations it's about consistency, because I know that I've put out some video that the quality was not great, but the results were freaking phenomenal. And you always

carrie little 22:34
say if they can't hear you, then

Marki Lemons Ryhal 22:36
they're out. Oh, audio is everything. But look at how many ways we can repurpose the audio. Right? The podcast how many platforms Can you be on the audio Graham's the Alexa flash briefings, the audio to text transcription. So now we got emails, we also have emails, we have blog posts, we have captions for all of our posts. So regardless to how you look, if you capture great audio, and I'm I'm all about the better audio, because I need to be able to repurpose that content into multiple forms of content. And I'm gonna say one more thing. Everybody also thinks that one hit wonder that everyone has solved that one post, no more than 10% of your audience ever sees any one post, because of the algorithm, we need to start thinking about every time we create one piece of content, how to repurpose or reshare that content, a minimum of 10 different ways so that they can hit people won, and their preferred or learned learning style, whether that's audio visual, or reading, and then on the platform that they desire to hang out on.

carrie little 23:41
And you made a good point, Mark. And I'll go back to Justin's statement about having great video, I'm gonna say this, I started editing television back in the 90s. So I had a leg up on the editing part. But if you're if we're telling you to do video, you need to try and if it does come out awful. The cool thing is you can archive it, you can hide it, but you got to start somewhere. And Mark is right. So I've been doing reels all day to day. So I did three reels today talk about that same data, because now I've got Rochester New York on here, by the way.

Marki Lemons Ryhal 24:17

carrie little 24:20
Yes, J man, I'm coming to your neighborhood. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 24:23
wait, you know, somebody in Rochester, New York.

carrie little 24:25
I might, I might. And I might know all where all the high self score properties are. I'm just saying. My point in all of this is I took that same video, and I put it on the Twitter story. I put it I went to LinkedIn but they only want to 20 seconds. So LinkedIn last, I put it on my Facebook story. I put it on Facebook groups. I put it on a Facebook page story. I put it in the feed on a Facebook group. And I actually the cool thing is is because it was my own voice. I uploaded it directly to tik tok.

Marki Lemons Ryhal 25:03
multiple platforms all highly visual, right? with a different audience almost on every last one of those platforms and I

carrie little 25:10
have not known on tik tok, but after my Goldman Sachs cohort and an attorney saying she did it twice, once or twice, and her company made over $265,000 Let me say that again. $265,000 because she tried tik tok, and it wasn't from the platform. It was people were calling her. And if you looked at her feed, you go No way. Cuz every post every She still hasn't figured it out. Every text shut, Her face is covered. But who cares? her staff was pissed at her. She said they never swear. But they were they cussed her out, basically, because they couldn't take a lunch for a few days. All because they tried something.

Marki Lemons Ryhal 25:59
I interviewed a young lady today by the name of Candace spears. And it was all about mindset and entrepreneurship. And she wrote a book on top talking about bringing your crayons to work, right? We often come into the world of real estate, and it's to duplicate something that we've seen somebody else do. We have to become originators, right? Have in order to be a thought leader in the shortest period of time. You need to think like blue ocean strategy, and you need to come up with something new, like j man, think about meeting J. Man, how many years ago? Do we meet him carry at rapid? And what was the PowerPoint presentation skill that you told us? It wasn't PowerPoint? What's your prefer? Prezi Prezi. Okay, so we sent in this Prezi class, my mind is hurting, right? But Jay man has always had the ability to do something different, something that the people who have been around longer are not going to be willing to take the chance, which is how he's been successful in pivoting his business. In the past 12 months there, people we have not seen in real estate education since before March the 13th 2020. Think about that, because of their inability to do something different. My competition has narrowed. I don't have to me I don't have new competition, the competition, it fewer people because of their inability to try some of these things new. And the more you tried, right, the the stronger your foundation is to build other new items upon.

carrie little 27:37
There's a, there's truth to if you were to take that concept to the new Michael Jordan, Jim shoe coming out, or the new iPhone or the new droid phone, there are some people that will stand in line to get the next new shiny thing. They're the ones they get it first, and then they're the ones in this case, they resell it, or they get to test it first. That's the same thing in our industry. If we're the people that Wait, you get left behind. And I'll tell you back in 2006, or seven, the Office Admin at the company I was with, she was like, Carrie, you need to try Facebook. And I was like, I don't need to try Facebook. I'm already on my space, because my kid is on my space. And I just need to be there to make sure he doesn't condemn himself and get in and I get a phone call from the high school. She was like, No, no, no, no. Let me tell you why. And I'm so glad that I listened to this 20 year old because of it, I was able to grow with Facebook. And there are some people come into the industry. And they're trying to figure out how to figure it out. Now, can it be done? Yes, it can be done. But you still have to start even if you don't have a lot of followers, we have an agent in our office that has figured out the the algorithm for reals to the point where she's grown 1000 followers in days, because she figured it out. Sometimes you just got to you got to test you got to try. And the one cool thing about what Marquis said was that

Unknown Speaker 29:09
we were

Justin Letheby 29:09
coming to him

carrie little 29:12
he was he was like I'm out she's just sick over. See, now I lost my train of thought.

Marki Lemons Ryhal 29:17
Don't lose your train of thought we normally do. And

carrie little 29:23
I'll tell you, you have to get out here you have to try you have to text we will mess up and I'll talk about so another agent in our office. She came back to the business from the 90s not tech savvy and she's like, oh, Carrie, okay, Carrie, I'm gonna do the videos. And she already knows the business. And the hardest thing for us to do is to get what's here. And to put it into content. And then to put it out there to the masses. You just have to do it.

Marki Lemons Ryhal 29:50
Yeah. And we say this I have. I'm stuck between two different age groups. I have some senior professionals and I mean And they are singers. And they're singers, professionals, right seasoned singer professionals who are embracing Instagram reels and tick tock, but then I'm also I have five new agents all under the age of 25. Okay. And when I tell you they get my mind going, because I was joking with Jay man, but my son called him for his back. And Skyler kind of regurgitated, I said, I think I might have mentioned that to you. But he, he needed to say it the way he wanted to say it, right. So I see how he's going to be able to merge being born and raised. And essentially, in the world of real estate. He wasn't born in this industry. He was three years old when I came into this industry. But he's been here for over 20 years, right. And so I can see how his mind is spinning right on what he wants to implement, implement. And I'm noticing that 25 year old and younger group, Oh, I love them. Like, I love them because they haven't been tainted. This is really their first career. And they're taking a hold of things substantially faster without second guessing themselves. I also see how if they had just a little bit of coaching, they can dominate market share.

carrie little 31:18
Hey, this is what I heard. I heard the bionic man. They'll be better, stronger, and faster.

Justin Letheby 31:28
Guys are right. I mean, here's the thing I think is interesting. Marquis and carriers that does want to come to J man here in a second is I think one of the things that's very interesting, you guys, all both of you are saying is, I am listening to the people that are challenging status quo, right? You when you are you are listening to people saying no, no, no, no. Let's try something different. You're not going No, No, that can't work, which have the industry or more saying to you every day. No, that won't work. No, that won't work. No, that won't work. You're going, huh. Okay, they're challenging that. What's to that? Why are they doing I mean, you're asking those questions. You have open ears. So going to you know, you know, again, we showed us the very beginning, Marquis and Mark Hughes kid and Jamie were talking earlier about bots. And you know, I think that's interesting conversation because bots have gotten so much stronger lately. Right? Can I know early on and I still feel like I'm pretty smart. I can pick out a bot one. I'm getting one but I'm going to tell you it's not the first statement. It's usually about halfway through. I'm

Unknown Speaker 32:27
going okay,

Justin Letheby 32:27
I just got bought it. Right. It's getting much better. So j man you know going along with their saying about how our listeners go to school I don't know you as your you're a fan of Basilisk I'm pretty sure you are are you implementing those and how are you going after them and why are you seeing value in them?

Unknown Speaker 32:45
So yeah, I have a product it's called sir bought a lot. Kick them nasty box. Jamie got bots. Sir bought a lot. And we have real estate bots that are built out for realtors, we actually have a board bot, which is what I introduced the ease of the conference today. And then I also have a mortgage bot that we've created, because all about is is it's a predicted conversation with a personal touch. Right? If I told you right now a seller is going to call you you say how long you've been in the house? How much is that mortgage? What's the credit line? What improvements have you made? My bot does all that already. And then until they're all done and they go with they want their home equity estimate, right? I should trademark that Home Equity estimate on that house. It's what they want. We're giving the people what they want. Especially the today's modern consumer doesn't want to hop on the phone doesn't want to walk into an office I can remember when I first started in real estate in 2005 we had opportunity time, right which makes keep harassing the office and wait for somebody to walk through the front door. That is gonna happen anymore, especially with you know COVID and post COVID. But bots, it you know, it predicts that conversation it helps build rapport for you. Because we know the statistics if we ask Carrie would tell you that today's modern consumers looking to 224 months, they're doing their research prior to ever selecting a realtor to work with. And if we can be found and that's called the zero moment of truth, if we can be found during that zero moment of truth and that information gathering stage, then they're just going to pick us as their realtors not a closing process. It's just man this guy's given me value after value after value. That's what the bots do they go Okay, here's something you want to know about first time homebuyers. Here's how you get ready your home ready for sale and every time so here you go and I walk away so to take away clothes right I walk away go here's something else that you value and I walk away well wait, wait, wait, wait, I know you need something to let me know and I walk away. Right think about every every girl or guy you ever chased after and your whole life was to one try to walk away from you.

carrie little 34:54
I chase somebody Wait a minute, listen. Don't even let

Marki Lemons Ryhal 34:59
God change Yeah. Luck 50 and still getting chased. Okay, I got secrets on this thing. So

Justin Letheby 35:14
that's awesome. Yeah. So

Unknown Speaker 35:17
in closing, I'll just say this. I try to pick something when I ask other people to go, Damn, that's hard or Yeah, I tried that. But it was. That's what I do. That's why I picked Prezi. That's why I use e cam live for my virtual stuff that all these things had a learning curve that was like this bots the same way. Because now if I can master it, people want to work with people who are an expert at something. And if it's hard for other people to figure out, don't get frustrated, just okay, this is the thing, I'm going to do this better than anybody else. Now, now they have to pick you because nobody else is good at it.

Justin Letheby 35:51
Well, and that's huge, right? I mean, again, we're talking tech, but I think there's a huge word that you just said there become the expert in something.

Unknown Speaker 36:01

Unknown Speaker 36:01
because that,

carrie little 36:03
pick it pick one thing, and if you're like, if it's gonna be Facebook, if it's gonna be LinkedIn, you got to go figure out when they hang out on LinkedIn, or Facebook. And, and Mark, he said, Be consistent, we are not consistent. And sometimes I watch, and I see agents, they disappear. Because you know what I mean, now that I'm coming, My office is kind of at home one day, I'm gonna have my monitor on the screen. So I can watch Hootsuite all day to figure out what people are doing. Because I'm I mean, I'm looking at Instagram, and I'm like, Yeah, they disappeared, or I no longer see their posts, because they're not consistent because the algorithm says they're not engaging. And so you disappear. So if we're mark, you can relate maybe Jay man, maybe Justin but there used to be the thing that we used to say call holding up the wall would go to a party, and the people that will be standing on the wall, they didn't they never danced with someone, they never got a phone number. Maybe back then they never got the home phone numbers because they didn't engage. So if you go if you go Hey, how y'all know what I'm talking about? If you hang out, if you hang out on social media, and you're just the watcher, right, you're holding up the walls, everything we hold up the Facebook wall. You aren't gonna get you won't build relationships, you won't get engagement and you won't generate new leads. And if you don't build the bot because now I got I have to watch I need JV man to build then go sell them. If you're not engaging and you're not doing any of this, you're holding up the wall.

Marki Lemons Ryhal 37:31
Hmm. When we do need a man to build a bot. Okay, that'd be first and foremost. I

carrie little 37:37
got three now that you said that.

Marki Lemons Ryhal 37:39
Here's the next thing. Clearly, I was not the person holding up the wall ever in Facebook or in real life. Cuz look, me and Jake, man. We have Tick Tock videos right. And a whole nother city in Vegas. Right at a conference getting it in. What?


Unknown Speaker 38:01
is it always is always a risk if you want to do some kind of dance stuff related with Marky because then her girlfriends hop on? Yeah, that was all right. But he wasn't ready. Like I'll share the fact is that you're talking about that I wasn't ready. So I'm good. I'm good to go. That was funny.

carrie little 38:21
Yeah. Five dances that we all need to practice. So we're all in the same city. We could break out a

Justin Letheby 38:30
lot if you need to under practice I'm all for but man I am the whitest of white men. I have no

carrie little 38:39
find some easy ones. Don't worry because I was trying to teach mark one

Justin Letheby 38:42
Carlton Carlton is not the only one I got man.

Marki Lemons Ryhal 38:46
You got to crawl to mastic Oh my god.

Justin Letheby 38:50
I gotta have a couple. I got a couple encouraging drinks ahead of time but I can get that one out.

Unknown Speaker 38:55

Justin Letheby 38:58
I need that little that little muscle relaxer.

Unknown Speaker 39:02
San Diego ner 2021.

Marki Lemons Ryhal 39:06
Oh, who's planning on going? I'm going I don't care. Don't nobody else go. I have to get out of the house. Am I the only one going to President circle? No. You Sarah were the kiya Pipi on McGriff. They're all they all meet you down. They're

carrie little 39:22
not on market. You didn't sneak here?

Marki Lemons Ryhal 39:24
Nope, I'm not sneaking in. You guys will see me back on the circuit starting in June. I need it. You know, I'm a vet. I am a COVID survivor. So as my husband I needed that vaccine to gonna kick in so that I feel more comfortable hitting the road but yeah, come June. I'm back out here.

Unknown Speaker 39:43
We'll do some karaoke. I got I got the mic and then we'll just figure out what the group dance is going to be. To the hip hip hop. You Don't Stop The Rock.

Justin Letheby 39:56
I'll just be the background dancer. I'm good to go. Exactly, I'll do that.

carrie little 40:03
I'm good. Oh my god, oh

Unknown Speaker 40:04
my god. Take

Justin Letheby 40:08
the jumpsuit on right now to match. So I'm ready to go.

Marki Lemons Ryhal 40:10
I was looking forward to hanging out with you guys this afternoon. Today was kind of a rough day, I got a thank you card back that I actually wrote to someone, one to 2002. And just to see the growth over time, well, one, the fact that the person saved the note, right, they sent it back to me at an appropriate time to just let me know who I was today, right? And the growth and sometimes growth You don't even know you growing. You know, I'm saying like, it's the intention, you want to be better. But when someone acknowledges that and set you back a copy, and they didn't send it back, they actually had my uncle drop it off to me. So here's the note. And it is from January of 2002. So I'm just so grateful, because the day has been emotional, just saying all that has transpired in that almost 20 years. Man, awesome. That's what Forgive me. And guess what? realize I've been writing handwritten notes for a long time.

Justin Letheby 41:14
I Well, you know what, and that. I'll tell you what, so let me ask you this. I haven't done a lot of people this year, which I think is a great point. Tech trends are huge. And there's no doubt about it. Right? We all talked about how the power of being in an attack and doing that stuff. And all three, all four of us in this room. We're obviously tech savvy tech strong, right? We are that. But as anybody else seeing a back to basics, boom. Oh,

Marki Lemons Ryhal 41:41
yeah. But we're going to be comfortable for a hot second here. Do I see a back to basics bones? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 41:49
they're gonna bust out some signage.

Unknown Speaker 41:53
Sorry, David,

Justin Letheby 41:54
I sent them off. I did.

Marki Lemons Ryhal 41:57
These are the cards that I've received so far. Just this year, right. This is last year's cards that people sent me, I take them and I put them in a Christian planner. Look, look out this thing is jam packed with people who took the time to write a note sign it say something and send it to me. And that goes to say a lot Carrie was great. Pull out her direct mail. So Carrie showing her direct mail.

carrie little 42:23
I showed it to you this morning. I mean, but earlier and I this is I am all for you see mark is already got her stuff. I have I have a kid that needs to do mine. But what I've What I know is based on Pew Research, we don't we don't hide where we get the data from we just go get it. Based on Pew Research. anyone under the age of now will the internet is now 31 years old. Yeah, if you are over the age of 50, you are on social media, but you're not using it the way the next generation is. So we still need a shift and and what I realized because of COVID people like the handwritten notes, they're actually they're getting you get out of the house and go to the mailbox and get my mail. And we're opening it we're taking time to read it. So if you really want to build a business, getting back to the basics, but adding the QR code I'm sure Jay man has when he could pop up on the screen. Getting back to bringing in the the new tech with traditional marketing is a game changer because I can now if someone calls me and says hey Ken, I want to buy a house. I can send it right there you go. I can send them the link to my YouTube channel that says here's the steps to buying a house. If you're a new real estate agent, I can send you the link so you got so you got your license. Now what but I can take I can actually get more views there. And then by the time you get to new you already know me

Marki Lemons Ryhal 43:52
what's funny because Katie Lance pictures here. This is something that Katie Lance sent me in the mail. Right. So Katie Lance, high tech is sending out direct mail pieces. Barbara bet. Two of the best customized cards I got last year from Barbara bet, right? sent them in the mail. Now this is from Matt definers past president Illinois realtors. Now it was a fact he said the car. Do you see this penmanship like this is a real freaking handwritten note. So when you get Mac the font is barbette Katie Lance, people who are high tech, and they're sending out direct mail pieces that should not even direct mail, handwritten note, that should tell you something about its power. I have people who tagged me because I mail out books. Not only do I mail out books, right? I mail out my own custom stickers. But everything that I mailed to people, I want them to use it without my name being all over it, right something that they could just use in their business. For people to have conversation with them, so I send everybody the world's greatest real estate marketer. It don't say Marquis lemons only so that people will think that they are the world's greatest marketer. So, yep, I mail um, cuz I was social before social media.

Unknown Speaker 45:18

carrie little 45:19
yes because I was selling marquee this weekend I did a photo shoot and we were outside and in when we were, we were walking so my husband and the photographer had me walking into a knee. Oh gosh, I feel bad. What was the challenge the walk challenge. And I was telling Marquis how I was so embarrassed.

Unknown Speaker 45:39
Yeah, Mark, he

Marki Lemons Ryhal 45:40
was like, I would have just ate that up.

Justin Letheby 45:44
No, go for it.

carrie little 45:47
Look, I am muzzled. mutter? No. I

Justin Letheby 45:50
mean, we started this conversation by doing bots. Now we're back to letters. I mean, how how does that work for you? Are you actually are you reaching out? I mean, I know you are. But how are you reaching out other than the tech side of the world?

Unknown Speaker 46:01
I would like to say that I write a lot of personal notes, but that answer would be incorrect. In my in my mind, I would like to, but here's where my my online goes offline. When we can be in person again. I am one of the best in person networkers that you will see. Because I take the social media connections that I have. And I'm strategic about, man, I was super busy. I think that was the REMAX conference where Marquis was, but I sought her out because she's my people. And I'm like Marcie Hill. I know you're busy too. You got to do presentations. Let's just get quick. 10 minutes. Let's hop outside and do a tick tock. And you know, whenever people help, so like, I make sure I'm not the guy that says when you come to town, look me up. And then not answer my phone. Right? Carrie came to Rochester I took her around Rod servicii she's got about marks the bouncer in the back there. What's up, homie? Mark?

Marki Lemons Ryhal 47:00
Oh, I got you here. I got you. You got to come out to Chicago and get it make a ride soon as you finish up.

Unknown Speaker 47:05
No, yeah, strap up the ride. I mean, just to could you mail it to me overnight.

Marki Lemons Ryhal 47:10
No, no, no, no, we're gonna have to meet somewhere safe.

Unknown Speaker 47:15
Mark needs to take me on one of those rides and one of those cars that you keep putting out

carrie little 47:19
right at Bentley that this guy that I'm sure is hidden. We'll talk about that another day. Go ahead, Jamie. So

Unknown Speaker 47:25
that's it. I'm done.

Justin Letheby 47:27
You know, I think the thing that everyone said here and Jay man started saying it right off the bat here, right? It's zero moment of truth. And that's what everyone is doing. And we're doing it so many different ways. And that's the thing to realize is that when we're doing this stuff, we're doing it intentionally unintentionally. To be front of mind, Top of Mind right? Everything that we have done is going to keep everybody there and those conversations you're not going to forget Matt defend this for sending that card. But you're going to completely remember him for the essay he wrote in the card, right? It's it's gonna be one of those things and and those are the small things I think people forget and they can be done so many different ways. Through the videos through the bots through those conversations through all these tools to pick that out there. I know you're getting close j man to be in time to go right?

Unknown Speaker 48:17
Yeah, I got I'm just a virtual emcee for about 300 people.

Justin Letheby 48:21
Yeah, no big deal.

Marki Lemons Ryhal 48:23
No big deal.

Unknown Speaker 48:24
No big deal with the last example I'll give is one marquee was that celebration. She came into the speaker ready room. And I'm telling you like, you know, when you're when you speak somewhere, you're like, we're on and then when you go to Speaker ready room, you'd like melt into a pile of notes. And then mark came in like Jay you want to do a video? Let's go Oh, it's like you just flip the switch because that's

Marki Lemons Ryhal 48:49
cuz we had an event to do up in Minnesota the gambit. Right. And so then I didn't realize when we get to Minnesota, there's two different terminals, right. So so Oh, wait, this is camaraderie. Right? So my boy David knock sends a car for me to come recording his studio. I kidnap j man, we go to david Knox's studio. We record I've been kidnapped again. And we go hang out at a whole different franchise affiliations office and get some little snacks. And then we go to our hotel room. And I know I felt sorry for Jay man. I know he like is this what you do Really?

Unknown Speaker 49:26
every trip was a difference that's like this offline social networking, where like, you can see that we are consistent. And we're authentic, because we're the same people online as we are offline. 1,000% there's some people that you see him online and then you see him in person. You're like, Oh, that's a persona. That's not really you. You know, and that's it's almost like when you see behind the curtain of the wizard, like all damn ruins it.

carrie little 49:54
That's marking? Well,

Justin Letheby 49:57
yeah, it's authentic. Right. I mean, that's who he does good when you're Getting Hired. And when you're being seen, and when people want to use you, they want to use you not the as j man said the persona, right? They're not what they're looking for, and you're going to lose trust almost as fast. And the worst thing about it is, and we saw this early on in social media, when people were hiring to be something and they didn't divulge that it lost credibility in waves, it was a rocket throughout the social media world that was killed. So you still need to be careful about it. So with this being done, we're already talked forever. And it's awesome. And we could do this again, probably have to do it again, probably four or five more times, just to catch all the material on

Unknown Speaker 50:31
purpose. A lot of content here.

Justin Letheby 50:33
Yeah, a lot of stuff. So let me ask this for each one of you. Let's do it this way. We've got a few things. I'll start with Jamie, on this one. Let's, let's sit there and say what is the top tool people should be paying attention to today?

Unknown Speaker 50:50
messenger bots. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 50:51
I would agree. I would agree.

Marki Lemons Ryhal 50:53
I'm gonna go Facebook creator. Whoo, I

Justin Letheby 50:56
like that. I like that a lot. Gary, the pressures on

carrie little 51:03
is on I'm gonna say up house and Matt and and redirect to their social media channel where you need growth.

Marki Lemons Ryhal 51:14
That was good advice. Good advice.

Justin Letheby 51:19
I'm gonna tell people, the real simple thing, start looking to hire a virtual assistant, a real estate virtual assistant. The honest answer is, folks, I'm telling you that right now, I don't know if I just gave a secret because I saw some smiles going out into it. I don't know. But I'm telling you right now, there's a lot of virtual assistants out there that don't know real estate. And we as realtors need to be able to focus on what we need to focus on and not doing everything that we literally just got telling you done to worry about. And it's a problem for us. That was

Marki Lemons Ryhal 51:50
what me and carries I believe my last two hires. Yeah, I just hired a virtual assistant. I think Kerry just hired a virtual assistant and so those were the last two hires

carrie little 52:00
and a real person that's here helping me right now so

Unknown Speaker 52:04
my life my livestream two weeks ago SEO experts anything was how to hire a virtual assistant. You can find it on slash a man speaks. holler at your boy.

Justin Letheby 52:12
perfect setup.

Unknown Speaker 52:13

Justin Letheby 52:16
Perfect time so let's plug away folks let's plug away so Jay man cuz I know you're the time crunch of all time crunch plug away, say how people need to find you what they need to know about you. Besides that, you are just amazing. So

Jman 52:29
solo dot t o slash j man speaks.

carrie little 52:33
I'm gonna say join me every Friday on Instagram for coffee with Kerry live. And if you go to my Instagram and you go to my link tree, I have a free download for you today. And I'll let Marquis talk about the more exciting one.

Marki Lemons Ryhal 52:51
Well, that could they they can reach us at operation. I've got houses for sale. Well, we're changing mindset. And realize that there is no shortage of inventory there is a shortage of listed property. So I want to change your mind on how to go get you some properties to sale. But you can find me on Marquis If you spell my name correctly, you will find me all over the internet. Ma rk i l e m o n s.

Justin Letheby 53:18
Well, thanks, everybody for being there. I appreciate your time. We actually this was a lot of fun, a lot of energy. I feel like I should go run about a mile now. So thanks for everybody for doing this. And we are out.

Marki Lemons Ryhal 53:32
Last sale houses.

Justin Letheby 53:43
Thanks, everybody for being online and listen to this. As always, please help me get this out. Get the word out what we're doing here. It is on Facebook. It's on YouTube. And if you want to see these interviews live, that's the best place to go is on YouTube Live. That is the best place for this. Find my channel. Justin Letheby. Also, please, if you are listening to this, after the fact like and subscribe to all your favorite podcasting platforms, apple, YouTube, Google whatever platform you're listening to like, subscribe and share it with your others get the word out, let them know we're doing and we'll see you on the next round.



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