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Do you want to start investing as a realtor?

investing investor May 10, 2021



Justin Letheby 0:00
Okay, everybody, welcome back to the professor of real estate. This week we get to talk with Sean Morrissey. He is an investing real estate agent and managing broker. He does it all. He's also has a podcast this week, we get to talk to him about how he got started in investing, why he got started in investing, as well, as, you know, kind of the things to think about if you wanted to jump into the investing side of real estate. I really hope you enjoy this episode, there was a ton to learn from it. And we'll chat after that.

Welcome to the professor of real estate podcast. My name is Justin Letheby. And I'm a realtor trainer and coach. My sole purpose here is to take my many years in real estate, as well as my even many more years as a trainer and get you to your goals and beyond. I'm going to do this by talking about business growth, development, branding, marketing, you know, basically all successful things that entrepreneurs are doing today. And...

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