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Augmented realty Virtual Realty Artificial intelligence oh my

real estate realtor tech Nov 23, 2020
Craig Grants speaks on 2021 tech

2021 tech conversation with Craig Grant


It is not easy to stay on top of Tech in real estate,  it changes so fast and we all have our main job to do and that is get infront of your clients and close your clients.     With that being said I want to make it easy for you so I talk with Craig grant on the tech to watch for in 2021.  


Technology  comes to us in many forms today and with how 2020 is and the looks 2021 wont change much.   lets look at tech from a few different categories today

  • Virtual reality
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Augmented reality
  • Big data

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.   

   Virtual Reality is here but not a big tool today,.  VR is a way of experiencing things in real life digitally .    Oculus is  a huge example of that where you can play a game or watch a play like you were there.    Augmented Reality is  putting an overlay on top of what you see now.   we see this a lot today, measuring a room,   virtual staging.   changing the room colors. etc.     Craig believes that is something we need to pay attention know!  

tools to check out in this category are

Artificial intelligence(AI)

AI is taking large amounts of data known as big data, and then Interpreting and predicting an outcome from it.   I am simplifying this for our conversation today  but wanted you to have an idea of what we are talking about here  


Areas to talk about with AI would be communication and prospecting   

Artificial intelligence is really big right now and the odds are you are using it whether you know about it or not.   tools like smart zip, remine and homesnap all implement AI where they will tell you what they think is the most like buyer and sellers in an area.   


What neat is where it will tell you about an area you want to market to and help you build marketing to that specific person.    This is some neat technology.


many crms are starting to build that into their tool as well and chat bots are getting very  good with the AI and sounding like a real person.   which can be a great solution for you when you cant respond immediately'


Looking for a CRM check out Craigs tool


Craig Grant

With over 150 speaking engagements around the world each year, including sessions for NAR, several state conventions & other key industry events, Craig Grant is considered one of the most sought after technology, marketing & cybersecurity speakers around.  Find Craig at


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