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find out why building your community is important for a successful business with Jayson Bates Pt1 Description

Jun 28, 2021

Justin Letheby 0:25 Welcome to the professor of real estate podcast. My name is Justin Letheby. And I'm a realtor trainer and coach. My sole purpose here is to take my many years in real estate, as well as my even many more years as a trainer and get you to your goals and beyond. I'm gonna do this by talking about business growth, development, branding, marketing, you know, basically all successful things that entrepreneurs are doing today. Hey, since I'm your tech guy, there's gonna be tech thrown in here as well. So let's go. So Hey, welcome everybody. My name is just slip down the E professor of real estate and welcome to the professor of real estate podcast, I am with Jason Bates. He is a friend of mine for years now, we actually met each other on a previous platform known as blab. Some of you may have come across as that point in time. blab was a really nice social networking video platform, we're able to get the guy to share ideas, share concepts. And we'll do that Jason is a mortgage or he owns his own company electric financial. He's been in this business for a long time. And I think one of the best things what I do nothing that's electronic financial. I know it's hard to Oh, gotcha. No, I see it. Okay. I go about your day. Okay. Wait a second. I will Yeah, sorry. Oh, no, you're good. Um, so here's the thing, folks. The reason we're bringing Jason on right now is me and him. We talk probably at least once a month right now and just kind of share ideas and share concepts. And I thought it would be a great idea to take that conversation and bring it to everyone here. And what we're gonna kind of talk about today is, you know, building that community, whether it's online, whether it's in person, although I think me and Jason both agree while on that line is huge. Some of that personal community development is going to just explode some of your business. So we'll begin by that. So Jason, tell me what I miss first. What did I miss? What what bragging points? Did I not hit for you? Jayson Bates 2:45 Really nothing. Um, so yeah, I'm, I'm the owner of electron financial and mortgage broker in Phoenix, Arizona, and Cave Creek, Arizona. And it's tough out there, right? It's super tough. And getting getting in the community and getting to know your community. I think that's a big thing right now, and getting a feel for the market as agents. And Justin, you and I were talking at the beginning of before we started went live. I was just talking to an agent this morning, he was gonna start ramping up his marketing, but he really didn't know where to go with it. And I kind of call it the blue ocean opportunity. Because you're stuck in the middle of the ocean and is blue all around you and you know where you want to go, but you don't know quite how to get there. And so we were discussing some strategies about how to get to where he wants to get and I'm a big proponent of video. I know, Justin, you're a big proponent of video. But it's not just video. I think some brokers out there kind of, hey, just go do a video, go do a video. Okay, there's so much video content out there that you can get overwhelmed by it. And you can overthink it a little bit, I think as a realtor. And I hear realtors all the time. Well, so and so's already talked about that subject. I don't want to talk about that. I want to get something new. We're not reinventing the wheel here. It's all the same. And that's why I like talking to you, Justin, because you're in a different part of the country than I am. However, we have the same things happening in our communities. And so getting at your community level finding out, you know, just details, man, I can't say that enough about details, jobs, how many jobs are coming to the market? How does that affect real estate? what companies are coming to the market? You know, BlackRock just announced yesterday that they're buying a bunch of properties. I'm not sure why they're buying them. I don't have you heard why the black round? I Justin Letheby 4:33 have not figured out that I heard that it did. That's all I heard. Jayson Bates 4:37 Yeah, they're buying a bunch of properties. And the fear is that they're going to squeeze out, you know, potential homebuyers, because they've got all this cash and they're coming in with cash to buy these homes and things like that. So you as an agent, how do you combat that with your, with your consumer because they hear that sort of stuff, too. So what is your unique your unique selling proposition to help combat that and I think getting into those details, I think will serve a lot of agents very well. Yeah, I Justin Letheby 5:02 mean, I couldn't agree. And, you know, again, we're gonna talk about from a couple different sectors, we're gonna talk about building that in person community, because I do think especially after a year of seeing the same four walls every day of the week, doing something in person is going to explode your business. I know, the beginning of this year of just simply making the phone calls had a tremendous effect on my business. But we also got to talk online, me and you are both technical perspectives, we have these things, you know, I'm doing this you have a Roku channel, which I think is very, very cool out there. That, you know, we got to start figuring out what that looks like and what it means for you. So let's go back to the first point you talked about, or one of the first points you talked about everyone everyone has, this is what is known in the Social Media Marketing World as the imposter syndrome, right? No one wants to hear from me. I don't know anything. I'm not the expert of anything, right? Who would want to listen to me? So, you know, in all due candor, Jason Right. I mean, you have your mortgage here, and you're trying to reach out to not only the consumers, but you're trying to reach out to us to realtors, and there's more realtors in there, are you but there's a lot of mortgage people out there. How do you combat going to compete or combat going against saying, Well, why would they want to hear from me? What? You know what, why, how? No one's gonna listen, right? Because I hear this all the time. No one's gonna listen to me. I don't have anything to say. Which I mean, you both know, is not true. Everyone has a voice. Everyone has their style, everyone has their way of perceiving that information. We need to do that. So how are you getting past that? And how are you helping? Because you do this? And I'll do candor. I know you do this? How are you helping other realtors get past that? Jayson Bates 6:49 So um, it's it. It's, it's your elevator pitch, you got to think about your elevator pitch. So I when I approach realtors, I asked them a very simple question is, and that is, how can I help your business? I don't come to them and say, hey, I've got every product under the sun. I do. Hey, I answer my phone after hours I do. I you know, close loans on time I do. Those are all like periods at the end of the sentence. What's interested, what the realtor is interested in? How are you? And our relationship? How is that going to help my business. And so one of the things I kind of pride myself on is marketing. I'm a big believer that 90% of what an agent should be doing or 80% of what an agent should be doing is marketing. And the most successful agents that I've spoken to here in the Phoenix metropolitan area, they are marketing 24, seven, I went and met with an agent for lunch he brought and he brought these big, they're like, they were like catalogs, they were like Christmas catalogs, right of like some of his listings and some of the things he's done in the past and stuff like that. And as he's walking to my table, he's passing these things out on empty tables. Right? And there is no secret sauce to marketing, you just have to market everywhere, every time. That's the key to marketing to be consistently, right. Justin Letheby 8:15 I mean, it's consistency. Jayson Bates 8:16 Yeah, and, and doing it everywhere, not just on Facebook, not just on YouTube, not just on Google, or wherever you're doing your marketing. Everybody kind of funnels into online stuff, but you have to do it in the community and become a community expert. Not just we have this kind of problem here in Phoenix a little bit. We have agents that are on the west side of town who think they know the market on the east side of town and vice versa. And that's okay, when you're starting out as an agent, you got to do what you got to do I get that. But as you grow and develop as an agent, you probably want to hone in on a specific area and kind of focus your efforts in that area. Justin Letheby 8:55 Right. It's your it's your one thing, it's your niche. It's whatever you want to call. I typically call it your bozo buckets, right? I mean, you might be old enough I will you don't know if you lived in the area to watch bozo. Do you ever watch bozo? Bozo the Clown? Yeah. Yeah. So that was my I mean, he was a Chicago at the Chicago show every night. Yeah, nice the bozo buckets. And that's what I always tell people, you need to figure out what your one two or three bozo buckets are. And then you focus on them, right. And what I teach people a lot of times is it's not three when you first start it's one. Yeah. And then when you're comfortable that you might go for a second or third. But all you ever need is one bozo bucket to be successful to win your prize. You don't need all of them. You just need the one. And I think finding that niche is huge, right? Finding that that one thing that's out there and what I always laugh at is, you know, I know this as a realtor, you might have felt this as a mortgage when you're first started when when I started this, you know, I was so scared that okay, well I'm focusing on this one subdivision 150 home subdivision, okay. But how am I going to get everybody else? Because that's not gonna sustain me, right? I'm so fearful of focusing on one thing that I'm losing out on everything else. Hmm. Um, so I Jayson Bates 10:12 let me say this to here, Justin, because this is this is important right now, I think there is this mentality right now. You know, what is your unique selling proposition and focusing in on whatever communities that you want to focus in on? I totally get that, and you should be doing that. But sometimes being different means, like, I'll give you an example here. You know, agents will say, hey, my market is hot. Okay. Yeah, I get that. But what are you going to do? For me? While the markets hot? Why should I pick you over the 1000s of other agents that are available out there? Or the FinTech companies that are out there? What is what are you going to do for me? And I think a lot of times agents just kind of go with the sheep mentality, the herd mentality, all the markets hot, I sold a home in one day, call me if you want your home sold in one day and above list price. Everybody's doing that right now, at least in the Phoenix metropolitan area. So what are you going to do and vice versa to that no notion as a consumer? If somebody said to me, Hey, I sold a house in one day, and I sold it or over asking price, my immediate thought as a consumer is, well, should you have listed it a little bit higher than what why did you listen so low? So think about those sort of things? I think, don't go the sheep sometimes being different means not doing the sheep thing, if that makes sense? Justin Letheby 11:44 No, I agree. And we were like you say we were talking about something I saw right off the bat. And before we got online, and I think one of the things that is huge. Going back, going back to knowing your one thing, knowing what you have eloquently said is your you know is your unique selling position, your value position, whatever you want to call it. You got to know what that is. Because when you were saying this offline, I keep talking about the same thing from a different perspective. I keep doing the same thing quit telling everybody the markets hot and that you can't, because all the consumers are hearing, not what you are saying they're hearing something else. Right. They're hearing, it's so easy to sell. Why do I need you? I can't find my next home. I'm not selling because it's gonna be too hard to find my next home. Right? That's the stuff they're hearing, not what you're trying to sell. And yeah, it's the relationship you need to be building. It is your value proposition. Maybe you are maybe you are the best list, sell list price, the sale price ratio in the market. Okay, great. That's a unique selling proposition if that is who you are. And if that's what your audience wants to hear, right? More often than not, it's not that conversation, right? It's not the conversation they want to hear. They want to know, can I trust you? Well, Do I like you? Do I know you? Do. I like you and I can't I trust you. That's what they want to know. And if you can answer those three questions, and then tell them, it's the hottest market, let's talk about selling, they're gonna talk to you. But if you're just blasting that conversation, all we all we're really doing is working ourselves out of business. And that's what we're seeing right? lowest inventory the last 20 months, roughly. And we have essentially done an exceptionally strong job, I won't call it a great job, because that would give the wrong wrong adjective here, of marking ourselves out of a business. Right? So how are you building that community? You know, you said you went to a with a realtor and you had lunch this or breakfast this morning, whatever it was. And I know you do that quite a bit. you're reaching out to people like that. So what other things are you doing to build your community? Or if you'd rather do it? How are you helping other realtors like me and out there build their community? How are you doing that right now? Jayson Bates 14:08 Okay, so good question. This, this is kind of the heart of what I try to do, I guess. So it's one thing to have good content, right? If, okay, we got videos, we got whatever, and you get good content going. But the distribution is the holy grail of content. You could have I tell people all the time I tell agents, we can make the movie Titanic, but if nobody sees it, who cares? Right? It's it's a non existent thing. So distribution is key to the success and part of that is getting in the district. just distribute, distributing that need some coffee, I guess I'm not a coffee drinker, maybe some iced tea. You got iced tea. There you go. and distributing that within your community. But when you're doing things in your community be the expert in the community. I kind of learned this. When I was teaching credit classes, I used to teach credit classes to realtors. And they would always inevitably, there was always somebody in the class and Justin, you probably get this in your classes where they try to trip you up, say, Oh, well, this doesn't work, I've done it this way. And it doesn't work, what you're saying isn't really jiving with me or whatever. And they try to make you look like a fool in front of everybody that feels that way when you're standing up there. And that, that's going to happen when you're doing this whole distribution thing. You're going to get people that are going to hate you on Facebook are going to hate you on Twitter or hate you Wherever you're distributing your material at or disagree with what you say, don't let that fear stop you from putting content out there and distributing it. Ignore that stuff. I can't, you gotta have tough, tough skin in the social media game, if that's where you're going to distribute all your stuff. But as part of the community too, I created Roku, Roku channel. That's called Prem TV. Now Prem TV, it's I'm the only one on there right now I'm getting I'm trying to get agents to go on there. And they just I get camera shy, suppose. But Prem TV stands for Phoenix real estate market TV. And the whole idea there is to talk about what's happening in the market, in the Phoenix metropolitan areas, more specifically, and that can be scaled to other markets, of course. But in Phoenix, there's a lot of people who are moving from out of state to Arizona, we've got a lot of people moving here. So there's a resource there they're looking for. Yeah, and I get more, I'll tell you, I get more views from my Prem TV than I get on YouTube. By far, by far, I don't have I have some of the stuff on YouTube, I don't have all this stuff on YouTube, I have some stuff on YouTube. But I get by far, I mean, tenfold more on Roku TV than I do on YouTube. So, you know, from a marketing perspective, I did it as a little bit of a beta test. But I'm getting a lot of a lot of views from that. And I've gotten deals from it. Actually, I got a deal. From one guy moving from Seattle, to Phoenix. Justin Letheby 17:24 Well, and see To me, that's the big part. Right? The one thing I'll build here is what I want everyone to hear on this as one really huge thing, right? You have used this and you have identified this as part of your quote unquote, prospecting time, right? When you're trying to find that business and find those leads. You're doing this you have you have identified this as is out there, right? Yeah. And that's what things I want to make sure to the audience that's listening is I want them to understand is, yeah, you know, we teach this all the time, make your two phone calls, five phone calls, 10 phone calls a day, whatever that number is, right? Your two nodes go door, knock whatever it is that's prospecting. So is this so is building that community that is part of your time in this market, to actually grow and it will produce anything you do will produce as long as you do it, as you said, Jason consistently and often enough, and robust enough, right. Roku is a great platform, because pretty much everybody has Roku. You know, I don't have it myself, I got Google TV. But I did have Roku before I moved to that platform. And everyone has this stuff. And even I would assume at some point in time, you'll look to see what the other platforms look like and how easy it is to get out on boats on Roku and on Amazon firestick. Oh, there you go. So yeah, so you're on, you're on a lot of platforms. And you're building that audience. And the other thing I want people to hear what Jason said out here is he said a few minutes ago that he can't get anybody can't get realtors Come on his channel. Get on his channel. I don't care if you're from Illinois. I don't care if you're from Wisconsin. I don't care if you're from Nevada. I don't care. Obviously he has an audience he's trying to fit but referrals work nationwide, folks. And I'll tell you what, get on his channel. Help him help him help you, essentially, because now this isn't about promoting or marketing. But here's the reason I want to point that out. A lot of times, we were worried about what Jason was talking about the trolls right people are just going to be idiots and they're gonna say stupid things just because that's what makes them happy throughout the day, right? I piss someone off makes I'm miserable. I'm gonna make someone else miserable. Pretty much what comes out to doing this? Well go to go participate in someone else's channel. Go participate somewhere else where you're not Central and find your voice. It's a great way to not only get some honest marketing time, but maybe do us from a soft open like a soft launch perspective. That way you don't have to worry about The local trolls trolling you, right? So take advantages. I'm not saying Jason alone, because Jason has his own things he's got to do but you know, find those audiences to do that. And talk about your community talk about what you know, talk about your value proposition, always something to do. Jayson Bates 20:15 And when you're doing this, be you, okay, I can't I can't stress that enough. I see so many people that aren't themselves. So you can see right through that, they say what they think people want to hear, rather than the reality of the situation. That's why I'm making that comment about trolls, you're gonna get, you're going to get them it doesn't matter what you say how you said, what you're just going to get up. Don't let that stop, you just be you don't say, Oh, well, this is because this realtor over here said it or this, interpret that in your own way, whatever it is, the data and whatever it is that you research or whatever, interpret that in your own interpretation. And say it the way you would say it, don't say it the way somebody else would say it. Because that comes across as very fake. And the consumer sees right through that. We saw that with you look around anywhere. And it's so fake, every a lot of stuff is fake. Justin Letheby 21:12 Well, and here's the thing that I will go one step further. That is one reason why I like video, it's it's you right, as long as you're getting comfortable in front of video, it's gonna be hard to not be you. Because eventually you're going to slip up in in talking your own voice at some point in time, right? You get comfortable enough, you're going to do this. Right? But the other thing that I like about the video is it's you that's an undoubtedly you it's not a third party program. That is blasting what they blast for 500 other realtors? Right. So I'll ask you this, because I'll tell you right off the bat, I'm not a fan. Maybe you have an opposing view on this. Are you a fan of hiring a third party mass marketing social media company? to do your social media to Jayson Bates 21:57 why I'm there's no, there's no real need for it. I know. But okay, so I'm glad you brought this up, actually, because I was talking actually to another agent on Monday about this very subject. And this was an emails to like a lot of a lot of realtors do these, you know, market update, read blast emails out, right? And I get them as a consumer, right? I get these emails, and I'm sure other agents get their emails. And it's the same content, a different branding. And from a consumer standpoint, with different names, you know, but the exact same, it looks exactly the same, just different headshots on it essentially. From a consumer standpoint, I look at that and say, Well, this agent really didn't take the time to speak to my needs. I'm out of here. I'm going off to somebody else. But if somebody you know, it's like a personal handwritten letter, write personal handwritten letters mean a lot more to the recipient, then a, you know, a boilerplate kind of template. Yeah, Justin Letheby 23:02 yeah. Well, well, yeah. And again, I always laugh you're absolutely right. Right. The really what I always laugh at the biggest difference when you're using these third party companies, is that maybe the branding color changes because your your with Brand X and someone else's brand y right? That's really the biggest difference. Right? Um, and, you know, I talk about this, I teach this actually quite a bit, when I'm training other trainers on how to do their job is there was an OSHA study done a long time ago, and I find this very applicable for a lot of people. There was an OSHA study done a long, long time ago, where it was about when robots first came into the manufacturing floors, right, and people were getting hit by the robots. So what they did is they came out afterwards, and they put a beep on it, they, you know, put a horn on it that would you know, go every five seconds. So people would jump out of the way when they saw the robot coming, right. And when I'm talking robots, they're really just automated. Flat beds. Right? Those all really work. Yeah. But what happened within six months of those things, and those horns going off, people were getting hit again. Because they got numb to the noise. Yeah, exactly. And that's what's happening for us. Right? That's what that's what happens for us as trainers when we're all talking the same topic. That's what's happening to us as realtors when we're putting out the exact same content, yeah, right now in please understand the one thing I am telling you, I am not talking about Justin Letheby talking about mortgage rates, and Jason bate talking about mortgage I'm not talking about that, because we're gonna have our own slant. That's unique content. What I am talking about is using a mass third party company and literally producing the same thing. Yeah, that's noise. They're going to turn off. Jayson Bates 24:46 Yeah. 100% agree 100% do your own thing and what do you need them for? You. First of all, they need access to all your social media. Right? So you got to give me your passwords and all this kind of stuff and they build some kind of page. Whatever, well, you've already got access to it. So wake up, like you're reading the morning newspaper, which really nobody does anymore. And instead of reading the morning newspaper, you do your distribution, again, the Holy Grail. So you create the content and what we call evergreen content. So you're going to create content that is going to be it's going to last forever, it's gonna be relevant today versus tomorrow, and then sprinkle that in with some content that's, you know, specific to today's events. And that evergreen content, you recycle it every six months, or every four months or you know, once every eight months or you know, how are we How are you is that you want to do it, just recycled content, I guarantee you, you will get business from that, I guarantee it. If it speaks, now, here's the thing, I will say to Justin, I think and you tell me if I'm wrong here not advertising, we do an advertising or any marketing, there's two things that have to be included in that advertising or marketing. Number one, you have to speak to the need of your audience. Number two, you have to provide a solution to that need for the audience. If you do those two things. Great. And that goes back to what I said about, hey, the markets hot. Okay, what does that tell me as a consumer? That's great. It's hot. But what are you going to do for me? Right, you got to speak to the need of my needs, and the solution for that need. So Justin Letheby 26:25 here's the five steps to getting your offer noticed, you know, those type of things, and you're starting to see realtors finally start to do that? Yeah. But yeah, no, I wouldn't. Right. Yeah, I would agree. You know, it's, it's it's not about, it's not about reciting the news, right? I think we're all newsed out, to be honest with you, we that's all we've done for 18 months is sit in front of her watch news, roll news out, right. And to be honest with you, you know, you look at Facebook, you look at YouTube, you look at Twitter, you look at all the social media platforms, there, it's it's not content. YOLO, right. It's it's very content rich. So you have to find a way to stand out, you have to find you have to know, again, as you just said, so well, you have to know where the problem sits, and where the solution sit. And if you have those two identifies you have content, and you will stand out before each other all day long. Jayson Bates 27:20 Let me ask you in relation to this to Justin, because, you know, I'm on my cell phone man, right. And again, I'm kind of a big boy kind of thing. I feel like Tick Tock is a little bit of a child's game. And I know, a lot of agents are doing the tick tock thing. And maybe I'm way off base here. I said the same thing about Snapchat, Snapchat was, you know, kind of a kid's thing. But I've heard a lot of agents going into the Tic Tac arena. And I hear I've seen a lot of agents especially and I'm not, I'm not, you know, some, some, you know, male chauvinist pig or anything like I'm not that at all. But all the female agents seem to want to take pictures from appear with their dress. It's the message, think about the message that you're sending. And the audience that you're speaking to, right, you kind of get what you put out kind of thing. And I don't think enough attention is being paid to that. Not all agents. Of course, there are very professional agents out Justin Letheby 28:24 there. Oh, no. But well, no, there. There's a couple people out there, there was actually I'm both on both sides of world women and men that have put some different posts on social media that I'm going I don't know what you're selling. If you look at the pictures, I'm not seeing what that is. And again, you're right. It's about the message right? When I first got taught in real estate, right? You had to dress every day. Like you were a realtor, right? And now whether I agree with that is a different conversation. But the premise and the thought process is right, what you put out you're going to get back. And it's definitely a conversation you have to have out here because you know, a lot of these newer platforms Snapchat Tick tock, definitely have taken a direction in the audience. Right. And they're definitely going after a certain a certain audience profile. I don't know about Tick tock, I'll be honest with you. I'm still trying to figure out there's a business solution for there. I am not seeing it, you know, I'll be I'll be Tick Tock some waste of time. I would say or maybe me as a trainer who's trying to put messages out there. It might have an audience but from a realtors perspective. I'm having a hard time also to be honest with you. LinkedIn is another example where I have a huge challenge when I watch realtors use that platform as a marketing platform. Because they don't know the audience or they don't understand the audit have never taken the chance understood that audience and the material They put out there, which is mostly listings is not what they're looking for. Jayson Bates 30:05 Well, right. LinkedIn, LinkedIn is not a, it's an introduction platform. Right. LinkedIn is, I will tell you, I use LinkedIn, a huge networking platform. Yeah, almost exclusively, I could go on LinkedIn. And I could set. Not so much maybe anymore. But I had my elevator pitch. Right? I had that typed out, right? I could get at least three appointments a week with realtors, just from LinkedIn. Now, I had when I had lunch with an agent team. On Tuesday, she was asking me, Well, what do I got? She's a new agent or whatever. Where do we go? Where are we? I said, Look, go to LinkedIn. First of all, it's professional. Number one, number two, you get in front of the decision makers. So for example, if you want to target a major industry that's in your community, right, we talked about communities. So let's like Intel's here, right? You want to get in front of Intel? Well, guess who's on LinkedIn, the HR manager for Intel. So you connect with them and say, Hey, I'd like an opportunity if there's an opportunity available to introduce myself or my services to your employees. Here's my idea. What do you think? And you're talking directly to the HR manager, right now that that's powerful stuff. You're not going to get that on Facebook? I think it's on YouTube. Right? So it's an introduction platform. It's not a social media platform. Justin Letheby 31:27 No. And I actually find it very interesting, because very recently, they turned on video for and what I mean, by video, I mean, live video onto the platform. And they're not handing that everybody gets it right. They're handing it out to some of the elites that have gotten enough views, enough conversations enough going on. They're not, they're not opening up to the masses. And I don't know if they ever will, because I've never made a comment one way or the other. And you've nailed it, right. It's an introduction platform. I call it networking. But I think your term is a lot more stronger than the attempt that we need to understand. It's your way of getting your foot in the door to see if there's any way that each other's can help each other out. Stop putting your listings, folks I'm telling you right now, so putting your listings on liquidators about those online, no one wants to know, they barely want them on Facebook, Twitter, or wherever else. But there is an avenue and understanding for that, right? There is a there is an expectation to have that in there. Jayson Bates 32:20 I've told people stop putting listings up here, nobody cares about them. Put out there what you're doing to help people help people achieve the American dream or help them achieve their lifestyle, whatever is it, because that's really what you're selling. You're selling the dream and you're selling a lifestyle, not a house. Justin Letheby 32:38 Yeah, there's an agent up in the Chicago area. She's a rock star. And she has a business page, and she has a professional or a personal page. And she gets you know, what I tell everybody is right. And from a Facebook perspective, you know, you can't put your business you can't market yourself on your personal page, which is basically Facebook rules. You can't put business stuff on your personal page. But she does it really pretty well she does it. I wouldn't say she's dancing on the line. But she does, like everybody else does, right? She's just talking about her day, she's not selling anything. She's just saying, Hey, I just showed three homes, I did that, you know, just like everybody else does on Facebook, I just had to have a conversation with my boss at this meetup. They put it on Facebook. It's no different. Now, she's not putting that kind of conversation out there. But she's just doing the day in the life. And it gets her business all the time. But she's building those relationships. As we started off saying early on, she's building that community, the community for her is is her and her knowledge of her area. Jayson Bates 33:38 Do you think that people are and mortgage people do this too? I think anyways, but I want to get your opinion on it. Do you think that people put things on Facebook and on their personal page just for the clicks? that that that that anxiety of how are they going to like this? Are they really gonna like me? Are you really like me? Or you know, whatever that famous thing from the Academy Awards was on the field? Yeah. So it feels? Is that the motivation? Or is the motivation to really help people? No, no, I Justin Letheby 34:10 think for most of us, we get told right? We get told you need to get this you need to get likes, comments and shares cuz I teach this right, you got to get likes, comments or shares. So that's all they focus on. But no, you're absolutely right. Right. This it's a it's a john Maxwell thing. He, he I use his quote he I think he got it from Roosevelt. People don't care about how much you know until they know how much you care about them. Right? And that's how you, you have to live here, right? We have to live from the perspective that they're going to listen to you. They're going to care about you. They're going to want your help, when they know you care about them. And if all you're trying to do is get this more than anything else. They also know that Jayson Bates 34:57 Yeah, the audience is not done. You can see The fakeness you see the fakeness everywhere is crazy. I remember a time Justin when nobody trusted the internet now everybody trust the internet for centuries. Justin Letheby 35:09 But Wikipedia is real. Everything's right on Wikipedia. Thanks for listening to this first episode, there'll be another one next week. Again, as always, if you could please like and subscribe on all your favorite platforms and share it with us. Maybe you can. Also I like to make sure you're aware. We do go live on youtube and facebook when I do these interviews and have these conversation with you one on one. So if you want to be directly involved in you want to have your questions asked while we're talking. Please please please get on there. Follow me on the E professor of real estate Facebook page, or my JBL team YouTube page. Both of the same platforms. Both are answering questions and they're live simultaneously. So be there. And again, always share this with as many people as you can't. And we'll

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