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What you need to know about landing pages for an amazing 2021

tech Mar 08, 2021

have a Niche, be lasered focused and know these people. you will then be able to create squeeze pages and landing pages

The Key to to creating the right page for lead generating is Know your customers.  Once you know them you can quickly create a page that hits their pain or pleasure points!

Tip: when creating blogs try this tool is considered a grammar  SEO tool for bloggers

creating funnels is a path a normal consumers goes through online for buying a product.   what a funnel does is it will walk you through natural steps to buy or download additional related material to what you came for initially

Create downloads for your niche

exs(these are free)  should be the best  item of value

  • buyers packets
  • sellers packets
  • location guides
  • coaching programs


steps for lead generating online

  • create your 1-3-5
  • narrow your focus
  • identify how to implement
  • market

thanks Michael Tritthart for your time and you knowledge.  If you want learn more from Michael go to his website


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