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6 easy steps to master your conference

business Feb 22, 2021

Conferences season is starting and this year you will want to have a plan and steps to get the most out of your next conference.   This will be extremely important now that this year many of the conferences we go to will be virtual!

  These 6 steps will help you get the most the conference and beyond

  1. Have goal,  I am big on goals and a conference is no different.  when attending your conference(virtual)  it is more important than ever to have an agenda and goals. here are some ideas 
    1. what topic/skill do you want to master.  What skill set is your biggest need.  review your goals for this year and your results of the previous
    2. have a goal on how many people you want to meet.   Be specific, go there with the intent of forming a business bond with people that you will want to work refer business with in the future
    3. what exhibitors are important to meet.   Meet with the exhibitors.  In many situations these folks are the reason this event is going on.   but go with intention of meeting people that solves a need
    4. Which speakers do you want to see/meet.   much like the skills and knowledge you want to gain.  knowing which people you want to listen to will help you identify and plan your schedule
  2. Learn about the event ahead of time.   
    1. What hashtags are they using
    2. how are they promoting it, do they have ambassadors, can you be one.
    3. What forums are they using,   how are they letting you interact
  3. have a digital business card solution.  we all have business cards but this year you will need to share your info virtually.
    1. Blue social
    2. hi hello
  4. attend the networking events.  I know we all have busy schedules but if you were to attend this conference in person you would be there and networking.  schedule this time here.  if you cant make all of them pick at least one of them
    1. morning
    2. lunch
    3. breaks
    4. evening sessions
  5. Get your tech right,   This is big,  make sure you have your wifi working, your camera and microphone ready to go.   when you are at this event, have that camera ready, when you network you need to be face to face(video).   
  6. Have a follow up solution.  the one thing I have noticed about virtual events they are very powerful but the one thing that can not be replicated is the energy we get from the in person event.  Have a follow up plan to keep the momentum going from the event
    1. work with colleagues you are going with to meet before and after about what your goals are and how you are obtaining them
    2. meet with like minded folks in the conference and create a conference workshop group that you can can chat with weekly, monthly and share how you are implementing what you learned at the conference.  
    3. cheer each other along
  7. bonus tip.  take good notes.   Know what the conference rules are for  recording but if you can take good notes, and record if you can


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